Siempelkamp to supply Küpeliler Endustri with new OSB and particleboard plants

Ulrich Kaiser, head of sales, Siempelkamp (left) with Hasan Küpeli, chairman of board, Küpeliler Endustri (right)

Turkish wood-based panel producer Küpeliler Endustri has placed orders for two new plants with Siempelkamp. The first, a continuous oriented strand board (OSB) plant, will be assembled in Turkey, and the second, a new particleboard plant.

The scope of supply for Küpeliler Endustri includes a ContiRoll in the format 4′ x 33.8m, extendable to 45.4m, which replaces an existing plant at Kutahya, Turkey. The new Siempelkamp plant will support Küpeliler Endustri in increasing its board quality and implementing higher plant availability.

With their brand Westboard, Küpeliler demonstrates its years of experience with OSB material, which is mainly used in the construction industry, like cladding. The company provides alternatives to expensive plywood and serves the rapidly growing demand from the construction and packaging industries. The quality of the OSB panels is enhanced by the OSB-ContiFinish, a type of surface finish. The improved thickness tolerances and optimised mechanical properties achieved with the continuous press technology have a positive effect compared to conventional cycle press system boards as well.

The second new order was placed by Küpeliler Endustri with its German partner for its particleboard division. It comprises a line with a ContiRoll in the format 7′ x 23.8m, extendable to 28.8m. This new investment replaces a single-level line at the site in the city Eskişehir, which has been in production for 40 years. In Eskişehir, Küpeliler focuses not only on production but also on the tempering of the boards.

“We are pleased to be able to support Küpeliler’s innovative strength with two plant concepts at the same time, especially since we can place a first in the Turkish market with the OSB plant,” said Ulrich Kaiser, head of sales, Siempelkamp.

Since 2010, Siempelkamp has been operating an office in Istanbul, Turkey, which supports and advises Turkish wood-based panel producers. The company has been collaborating with Turkish customers for 27 years, including the two new orders which represent the company’s 32 current ContiRoll projects: “Our reference list is a chronology of the continuous trust of Turkish wood-based material producers in our work.”