Siempelkamp to supply complete particleboard plant to Plitspichprom

A detailed rendering of a particleboard production line

Russian company Plitspichprom has ordered a complete particleboard plant from Siempelkamp. The order includes a Generation 8 ContiRoll® press, Siempelkamp’s very first continuous press to be sold to Russia.

The company is part of the “SOUZ” Group, which had ordered two Siempelkamp plants back in 1990 for its Priosersk location in northern Russia.

The current order consists of a complete plant for particleboard production which will be built in Balabanovo and will replace an outdated multi-daylight press for particleboard production. With innovative pressure distribution plates, an extended cylinder bed and many new equipment features, the press will operate virtually isobaric and will manufacture boards of unprecedented quality. The plant is designed to achieve an annual capacity of up to 180,000 m³. The equipment for the front-end of the line—including chippers, flakers, and mills—will be supplied by Pallmann, a German specialist for size reduction and preparation technology.

 Plitspichprom is an expert in the production of special panels used for furniture and in construction. The particle and mat-forming technology will be designed to meet the customer’s requirements.

The EcoFormer SL, developed by the Italian Siempelkamp subsidiary CMC Texpan, will be used for surface layer mat forming.  This optimised innovative wind forming concept provides unprecedented uniform forming of the surface layer particles. The advantages for the customer include: reduction in material usage and, at the same time, an improved area weight tolerance, and significantly lower energy consumption.

Siempelkamp subsidiary Büttner will supply the drying technology including a drum dryer designed for a capacity of 36 metric tonnes per hour. The screening technology, a complete resin preparation and dosing system, the exhaust and filter technology, the thermal oil boiler, the cooling and stacking line as well as the automation and drive technology for the complete plant are also part of Siempelkamp’s scope of supply. Prod-IQ® control technology will also be supplied. This technology allows professional trending, commission evaluations as well as laboratory data and downtime management.

To ensure exact integration of the new plant into the existing complex infrastructure in Balabanovo, Siempelkamp will use the proven “Lead Engineering” concept by Sicoplan for this project. The three-dimensional measuring process of the existing premises, which took place during the planning phase, will prevent conflicts with the existing building structures and provide for trouble-free project implementation. The new plant will not only open up increased product flexibility and plant availability for Plitspichprom but also ensure utmost efficiency in the highly competitive Russian market for wood-based products. 

The start of installation in Balabanovo is forecast for September 2016. Commissioning will begin in the summer of 2017.


Image: Siempelkamp

Source: Siempelkamp/ Edited by Panels & Furniture Asia