Siempelkamp to supply complete particleboard line for KronoStar Sharya

Siempelkamp will be supplying a complete particleboard line for KronoStar in Sharya, 600 km northwest of Moscow. A special feature of this order includes a 3D survey of the entire factory by Sicoplan; the new plant design can be integrated and custom-fitted into the existing infrastructure on site without any delays during planning.

The order also includes the wood yard and a universal drum flaker made by Hombak with a production capacity of 25 tonne/h bone dry, allowing KronoStar to manufacture high-quality light-weight boards. The scope of supply also includes a Büttner drum dryer with a material throughput of 36 ton/h bone dry, screens and sifters made by Siempelkamp’s subsidiary CMC, a resin blending system with resin kitchen as well as a 4-head forming station. The heart of the plant is a 6’ x 28.8 m ContiRoll® press. In addition to the forming line, the scope of supply also includes a cooling and stacking line and mechanical and pneumatic conveyors.

The new equipment will be integrated into the existing infrastructure at the Sharya location which already includes a particleboard and an MDF plant. Existing components in the factory will updated as part of the order. The planning tasks also incorporate the necessary plant extensions for the new production line. Siempelkamp will carry out the required steel construction (1,500 metric tonnes).

KronoStar is part of KronoHolding headquartered in Lucerne. The new production line for particleboard will enable KronoStar to increase its production capacity in Sharya by 1,200 m³/day.


Image: Rendering of the universal flaker, Type HMU