Siempelkamp rolls out new ContiRoll® Generation 9 and ContiRoll® Generation 9 NEO

Siempelkamp booth at LIGNA 2017

A breakthrough in Siempelkamp’s ContiRoll® was announced this morning at LIGNA.

The newly developed press infeed area, modern drive and measurement technology, simulation and process control technology as well as new processes for mat pre-heating and in the area of the finishing line brings the ContiRoll® to a new level. The results are a 30 per cent production increase, best machine availability, low maintenance effort, highly-precise performance and status control, and increased product quality with a higher potential for material and energy savings, operated safely at 2,500 mm/sec.

The ninth generation of the ContiRoll® also offers detailed solutions ranging from the Ecodrive drive concept to new processes for the finishing line.

The new ContiRoll® Generation 9 NEO features 10 press frames with a distance of 530mm between them, providing for solid static relationships. A booster hotplaten, extended by 100 per cent, together with highly specialised press hydraulics ensure maximum production capacity. 40 per cent productivity can be achieved with this concept.

The ContiRoll® Generation 9 allows the individual positioning of the hydraulic functional beams. Instead of their previous installation at the upper frame elements to the right and left next of the press, the position of the functional beams can now be optionally configured to meet specific customer needs.

The 9th generation ContiRoll® has a good thickness measurement process to ensure a high-quality product at all times even at high production capacities. The solution for a thickness measurement process, independent from all influencing factors of the machine, can only be found in a separate design. A statically stable, stand-alone measuring frame serves as a solid reference dimension benchmark – decoupled from all thermal and static material deformations.