Siempelkamp records “extraordinarily good” year for 2021 with €855 million order intake

With its business units Machinery and Plants, Casting Technology, and Nuclear Technology, the Siempelkamp Group reported an “extraordinarily good” FY2021 amid the overall economic conditions.

The group recorded an order intake of €855 million, exceeding its previous year’s intake of €552.7m.

“Our realignment in the area of sales, process organisation, and global manufacturing excellence, which was initiated in 2020, has proven its worth in all areas and has born fruit in 2021,” said Martin Stark, CEO of the Siempelkamp Group.

Siempelkamp was also able to achieve numerous sales successes in the competence fields of metal forming presses and composite presses. In total, 24 large-scale plants were ordered across all areas.

Within the wood-based panels industry, Siempelkamp continues to push forward the realignment of board production. Climate change and the scarcity of resources require solutions for the use of alternative raw materials. Depending on their local raw material supplies and their market situation, wood-based panel producers can resort to new, resource-saving processes. The company’s innovation concept focuses on the topics of environmental technology and recycling.

In the area of digitalisation. Siempelkamp solutions has also met demand. For example, the company provides a digital product portfolio which increases the cost efficiency of customers and optimises product quality. Siempelkamp was also able to initiate a digital turnaround in the casting technology segment: The melting process and the dismantling concept were optimised, processes rethought.

In 2022, Siempelkamp will continue its successful path of implementing new processes and investing in its realignment.

“Our global production network with locations in Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, and China is characterised by the idea of efficiency as well as our commitment to customer proximity and top quality,” said Samiron Mondal, managing director of Siempelkamp Maschinen- und Anlagenbau. “Our concept of global production management, which we launched in 2020, is having a positive impact here. On the one hand, in a diversified market we provide precisely the support that is tailored to the raw material supplies and the needs of our customers. On the other hand, plant operators benefit from a holistic concept which ensures quality and efficiency in all areas from the use of resources to logistics.”