Siempelkamp plant for Egger Lexington successfully accepted

EGGER plant in Lexington, North Carolina

At the EGGER site in Lexington, North Carolina, United States, a Greenfield particleboard plant made by Siempelkamp has been successfully accepted just eleven weeks after the first board was produced.

The commissioning of the particleboard plant could be advanced via remote service even during a COVID-19 pandemic-related interruption. Thus, the first board was produced with only a slight delay within the scheduled time frame. The next important step, the acceptance, also followed within  eleven weeks after the start of production. Supported by a small Siempelkamp team on site, a fast ramp-up curve was achieved; plant performance and availability are as agreed.

The new particleboard line contains a ContiRoll® in the 10′ x 43.7 m format, which is the 15th ContiRoll® in operation within the EGGER group. The scope of supply also includes two dryers made by the Siempelkamp subsidiary Büttner, as well as the size reduction technology made by the Siempelkamp subsidiary Pallmann.

“Our 20th site in Lexington is very important for our presence in the North American market. It is therefore more than pleasing that the new plant reached acceptance quickly and reliably in view of all the Corona-related restrictions. Here, the long-standing partnership with Siempelkamp pays off, as does the fact that two well-coordinated teams acted quickly, constructively and reliably. We are highly satisfied,” said Bernhard Vorreiter, EGGER Lexington project manager.