Siempelkamp celebrates milestone with first board produced at new Mekong Wood MDF Joint Stock Company plant

The new Siempelkamp plant at Mekong Wood MDF Joint Stock Company celebrated a milestone on 3 Jun as the Vietnamese company produced the first board at its location in the district of Cam Khe in the province of Phu Tho.

Mekong Wood MDF Joint Stock Company
The first board produced at the new Mekong Wood MDF Joint Stock Company plant in Cam Khe, Vietnam (Image: Siempelkamp)

“We are delighted to have managed this project well, quickly and successfully together with our customer under difficult conditions to achieve a successful commissioning. Thank you for this great collaboration!” said project manager Holger Jansen.

The MDF plant has an annual capacity of over 400,000m³. The thickness range of the boards is focused on 15-17mm, a range of 3.5-32mm is possible. The feed material is largely made up of the local raw materials acacia and eucalyptus.

According to the news shared by Siempelkamp, Mekong Wood MDF Joint Stock Company, previously known in the market for the trade with wood-based panels, is paving its way into the production of wood-based panels with this plant.

For its entry into the production of wood-based panels, Mekong Wood MDF Joint Stock chose Siempelkamp as a partner in 2022, because of Siempelkamp’s great reputation in the South East Asian market.

Mekong Wood MDF Joint Stock Company called on Siempelkamp’s strength as a system supplier for the wood-based panel industry for this project. From the planning and supply of the entire process technology to the supervision of the installation and the start-up of the complete plant, the full range of services of the Siempelkamp Group is represented.

“This order confirms once again that we enjoy an excellent reputation in the Vietnamese market. The MDF plant for Mekong Wood MDF Joint Stock Company is the 6th that Vietnamese customers have requested from us so far. The trust that our customers their place in Siempelkamp technology and our team is a great compliment and an incentive for us to continue our full commitment,” said Ulrich Kaiser, head of Sales Siempelkamp.

In addition to Siempelkamp’s machine and plant engineering, BÜTTNER, CMC, Sicoplan and Pallmann are involved in the plant concept with their core competencies.

The ContiRoll in 8′ x 47.1m format is the core of the system. It contains the NEO press infeed, a special infeed geometry that is specially designed for processing acacia. This order was the second time that the concept was requested by a Vietnamese customer.

The extended, highly flexible infeed heating platen makes it easier to de-aerate the mat. It also prevents blow-outs and steel belt damage, even at high production speeds. This system design significantly increases availability, capacity and operational reliability.

The EcoScan NEO measuring system for the forming line has also been installed in the meantime. It provides plant operators with two key benefits: high-resolution analysis of the weight-per-unit-area distribution and reliable tramp material detection directly after the pre-press.