Siempelkamp and Smartech to collaborate on AI technology for wood-based panel industry

Siempelkamp and Smartech have announced a partnership to work on artificial intelligence (AI) for the wood-based panel industry, particularly for the manufacturers of engineered wood products.

“We believe our collaboration with Smartech will drive the next generation of wood-based panel manufacturing. We look forward to working together to bring to market the most cutting-edge technology with a massive impact for our customers,” said Gregor Bernardy, head of Manufacturing Executive System (MES) and Industrial IT Solutions from Siempelkamp Logistics & Service.

“Siempelkamp is a global leader in supplying press lines to the wood-based panel industry and we are excited to be working together. Technology is the key for better growth and a better future. The synergy between Siempelkamp and Smartech will drive the market with a game-changing solution.” said Hanoch Magid, CEO of Smartech.

Smartech is a specialist in smart factories, with experience in transforming existing production lines into autonomous, data-driven and sustainable assets. For more information on its Manewfacturing Technologies, click here.