Siempelkamp and Smartech to bring autonomy to wood-based panel press lines

Siempelkamp has released further details about their partnership with Smartech. According to the press release, both companies will jointly commercialise their artificial intelligence (AI)-based Prod-IQ · SmartPress solution for engineered wood panel presses.

Autonomous process decision-making has conventionally resided with the machinery operator, but Prod-IQ · SmartPress aims to shift the autonomous decision-making to the plant itself.

The Prod-IQ · SmartPress solution uses AI, machine learning algorithms and real-time data to increase press throughput and quality while lowering manufacturing costs. The Prod-IQ · SmartPress architecture aggregates real-time production parameters along with contextual input from various press operators, and then generates a new operational baseline for higher performance levels across the mill’s shifts.

Hanoch Magid, CEO of Smartech said: “We are delighted to offer this unique AI-based solution to the wood-based panel sector, and we expect it will quickly become the North Star for industrial autonomy in the industry. We are extremely proud to partner with Siempelkamp on Prod-IQ · SmartPress.”

Marc Müller, head of sales at Siempelkamp, commented: “For many years we have been pursuing our strategy of a self-optimising plant. With our Prod-IQ · SmartPress solution, we have now developed the final building block for this in our Prod-IQ software family with a strong partner. This enables our customers to achieve operational excellence at the highest level.”