Siempelkamp and Kastamonu Entegre score “hat trick” with three plants in three years

From left: Hasan Akpinar, global investment and projects director, Kastamonu Entegre; Ulrich Kaiser, head of sales, Siempelkamp; and Ralf Spindler from GIM Export (Image: Siempelkamp)

Three plants in three years: Siempelkamp and Kastamonu Entegre collaborated have realised the commissioning and final inspection of two particleboard plants and a medium-density fibreboard (MDF) plant from 2020 to, most recently, August 2023.

At the end of August, nine days after the first board was produced, the particleboard plant at the Kastamonu City site is running in stable three-shift operation, according to Siempelkamp.

This means that the total time taken from the start of installation in January 2023 to three-shift operation was “around eight months”.

Before that, both teams also managed a tight timeline from the start of installation in June 2022 for the MDF plant to final inspection within nine months in Balıkesir, Turkey.

This MDF plant includes what is said to be the longest ContiRoll in Turkey, measuring 8ft x 63.7m. The speed of the ramp-up curve ending with final inspection of the scope of supply in seven weeks stood out in particular within the overall timeline.

Back in 2020 and 2021, Siempelkamp and Kastamonu Entegre came together to realise the latter’s first particleboard plant in this partnership.

Siempelkamp reported that it took only “nine and a half months” from start of installation to final inspection of the Siempelkamp particleboard plant that Kastamonu Entegre is currently operating at the Samsun site, despite the restrictions caused by COVID-19.

“The current third project in a row has benefited from our joint experience gained over the first two projects,” said Axel Weiss, project manager at Siempelkamp.

“We grew together with the client’s team to form a joint, highly motivated team in each of these projects. This motivation was a key to our success — especially because we repeatedly made quick and, above all, the right decisions together during the course of the project.”

Another key success factor was the high-quality and organised supply share. Kastamonu Entegre ordered a forming and press line with ContiRoll in the format 7ft x 37.1m for its most recent particleboard plant.

The automation, cooling and stacking line and sanding line were also included in the spec.

“We managed the installation in record time together — despite cramped conditions and lack of space. That only works if the customer and supplier are perfectly well-coordinated,” explained Weiss.

Ulrich Kaiser, head of sales Wood Division at Siempelkamp, expressed delight at the “hat trick” achieved between the two companies’ collaboration.

He concluded: “Realising three projects like this together in such a short time is exceptional. My thanks go to the Kastamonu Entegre team for so much trust and great teamwork.”