Shenzhen Vanke Headquarters uses architecture to explore relationships with man and surroundings

After a decade of growth, the architecture concept of the “floating horizon skyscraper” by Steven Holl has become a real sustainable landmark landscape standing high in the city.

And with the rapid development came a massive staff expansion and change of office design. Designed by BLVD, the new office space is complex, and full of imagination and enthusiasm, exploring the relationships between man and man, man and nature, as well as man and society.

On the VIP floor, the “box inside a box” concept is brought to life with warm wood. The wood not only brings a softer and warmer texture to the space, it also has acoustic and thermal qualities.

Design company: BLVD
Designers: Liu Honglei, Abel, Hu Jiayi
Location: Shenzhen, China
Year of completion: 2016
Photo credits: Sun Xiangyu