Shandong Huan Ge Decoration celebrates first ultra-thin MDF board on Siempelkamp plant

Team Shandong Huan Ge Decoration Co., Ltd and Team Siempelkamp from Germany and Qingdao during the celebration of the first board – middle (black shirt) Ling Sifa, President Shandong Huan Ge, middle background: Marc Elinkmann, Site Manager with Siempelkamp

On 29 May 2021, Shandong Huan Ge Decoration Co, Ltd and Siempelkamp celebrated a milestone. The Chinese manufacturer of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) panels produced the first board on a Siempelkamp line for ultra-thin MDF with a 9′ x 28.8m ContiRoll® press. The installation and the successful start-up thus led to the acceptance phase.

Founded in 2017 based on an investment of RMB 600 million, Shandong Huan Ge Decoration Co., Ltd is located in Linyi in China’s Shandong Province. The company specialises in the production of high-quality MDF for interior construction, and follows an integrated approach that includes in-house research and development in addition to production and sales. After one and a half years of intensive product research on the application possibilities, material use and application areas, Huan Ge Decoration Co., Ltd decided in favour of a plant made by Siempelkamp.

The complete plant, contracted in 2018, is the first fully imported production plant for ultra-thin and extra-wide MDF in China. The annual production capacity of the new plant is 250,000 m³, with the plant being designed for a board thickness range of 1 up to 9 mm.

In addition to the continuous press ContiRoll® in the format 9′ x 28.8m, the scope of supply includes the complete Siempelkamp process line with a matforming machine, pre-press, and compactor. The latter protects the steel belts in the press and enables plant operators to achieve a significant increase in capacity and quality, especially for the production of thin MDF boards. The trimming units and diagonal saws and a fully automated storage system are also part of the order volume. Siempelkamp was also assigned with the technical planning as well as the supervision and coordination of assembly and commissioning.