SGS Expands Furniture Services to Assist Vietnam’s Growing Furniture Export Industry

SGS,  global leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, has responded to Vietnam’s recent 7.9 per cent growth in gross domestic product and the opportunities for international trade this presents to the furniture industry, with an expansion in capabilities.

Despite a long history of domestic furniture manufacturing, for the past 20 years, Vietnam has now grown into the second largest exporter of furniture in the Asia-Pacific region, and fifth in the world. In 2017, its furniture exports were valued at around USD 7.66 billion, increasing to USD 8.66 billion in 2018.

Vietnam currently has around 1,500 furniture exporters, of which about 450 are FDI (foreign direct investment) companies, accounting for over 45 per cent of furniture exports.

The country’s key advantage is flexibility. It has recently moved from a focus on outdoor furniture to indoor furniture lines, while increasing investment in advanced production techniques. This has resulted in foreign importers increasingly looking to Vietnam for furniture supplies.

Helping Vietnam’s growth is the EU-Vietnam free trade agreement, the Comprehensive Progressive Tran-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP), and the current trade-war between China and the U.S. Vietnamese products currently enjoy zero tax in the US, while Chinese manufacturers have a 10 per cent tariff, which may rise to 25 per cent if the war escalates.

Manufacturers of furniture must acknowledge that increased demand also comes with additional requirements. European, U.S. and Japanese consumers are now demanding evidence of sustainability in the wood that is used in their consumer products. 

To help Vietnamese manufacturers fulfil these requirements and take advantage of these international opportunities, SGS has expanded the range of services it offers. It offers a comprehensive range of service for: 

  • Outdoor furniture – seating and table
  • Domestic furniture – seating, tables, storage & beds
  • Office furniture – seating, tables, cabinets and panel system
  • Children’s furniture – seating, tables, bunk bed and baby cribs
  • Non-domestic furniture – seating, tables, storage


To access the U.S. market, our laboratories provide mechanical testing against:

  • ANSI BIFMA X5.1 – chairs
  • ANSI BIFMA X5.3 – vertical files
  • ANSI BIFMA X5.4 – lounge seating
  • ANSI BIFMA X5.5 – tables
  • ANSI BIFMA X5.6 – panel systems
  • ANSI BIFMA S6.5 – small/home office
  • ANSI BIFMA X5.9 – storage, cabinets
  • ANSI SOHO S 6.5 – office furniture
  • ANSI BIFMA X6.1 – educational seating
  • ASTM F 1427-07 – children’s/picnic tables
  • ASTM F 1838 – children’s tables
  • ASTM F 2057 – storage, cabinets


To access EU markets:

  • Seating – EN 12520, EN 1022, EN 1335, EN 13761, BS 4875
  • Tables/desks – EN 12521, EN 1730, EN 527-2
  • Outdoor furniture – EN 581 Part 1, 2, 3
  • Contract furniture – EN 15732, EN 16139
  • Glass shelves – BS 6206
  • Cabinets – BS 4875-7
  • Domestic and kitchen storage units and worktops – safety requirements and test methods EN 14749, EN 16121


SGS in Vietnam can also test furniture against Australian and Japanese requirements, the ISTA standard for packaging, and chemical testing. In addition, they provide a comprehensive range of inspection, auditing and certification services.

SGS Furniture Services

SGS helps you deliver well-designed, functional, durable and safe products to your customers. We have the furniture industry, regulatory and technical expertise to check your products’ compliance against relevant standards and/or your own specifications.