SFIC’s Sol Awards 2023 recognise stalwarts of Singapore’s furniture industry

All the award winners of the inaugural Sol Awards, with Mark Yong, chairman of the Sol Awards, and Phua Boon Huat, SFIC president

The Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) has unveiled the recipients of the inaugural Sol Awards. Originally incepted as the Singapore Furniture Industry Awards (SFIA) from 2003 to 2013, the new Sol Awards celebrate and honour outstanding industry individuals and enterprises who have made significant contributions to the furniture industry in Singapore.  

With the word “Sol” representing the sun in several languages, the Sol Awards aim to shine a radiant spotlight on enterprises and individuals embodying brilliance, vitality, inspiration, and noteworthy achievements within their respective domains.

The name is also selected for its global appeal, honouring achievements that surpass cultural barriers and highlighting the awards’ potential for regional expansion.

The awards, supported by government organisations Enterprise Singapore, Workforce Singapore, and DesignSingapore Council, span six categories, acknowledging excellence, design, innovation, and sustainability.

“The Sol Awards is a beacon for excellence in Singapore’s furniture industry. This global platform celebrates brilliance, drives international recognition, and propels our industry to new heights. The awards are our industry’s commitment to success and catalyst for global prominence,” said Phua Boon Huat, SFIC president.

“We would like to congratulate all the recipients for shining brightly by striving for exceptional quality, creativity and innovation.”

The award winners

The first category, the ‘All-Star Enterprise’ award, seeks to highlight the holistic excellence and versatility of an organisation, recognising its ability to thrive and excel across multiple dimensions of its operations.

The Gold award was given to Kingsmen Creatives, a testament to their 47-year journey in creating world-class experiences and events, many of which come with unique intellectual properties garnering global accolades. 

The Silver award went to Redwood Interior, and the Bronze to Grandwork Interior.

The award winners of the ‘All-Star Enterprise’ category. From left: Fion Ng from Grandwork Interior; Soh Jun Wei from Redwood Interior; and Alex Wee from Kingsmen Creative

“At Kingsmen, we are driven by the desire to create and deliver impactful and memorable experiences that empower clients to thrive on the global stage,” said Andrew Cheng, Group CEO of Kingsmen Creatives.

“These impactful solutions to the market are only possible through the creative and innovative spirit of our people and our partners, and the trust our clients have in us to create and deliver something different, something excellent.”

Superstructure received the Gold award for the ‘Innovation in Design’ category, which is conferred to companies that have demonstrated remarkable innovation, originality and functionality in their designs, pushing the boundaries of traditional concepts and introducing groundbreaking ideas.by redefining the landscape of traditional carpentry and contracting.

The judging panel commended Superstructure’s distinctive works achieved through the merging of computational designs with digital fabrication techniques as a seamless bridge to production, its commitment to safe working environments, as well as its dedication to thinking out of the box and challenging industry norms. 

Emily Sim, co-founder of Superstructure, said: “As our company has grown, we have learned how to create adaptable and unique designs for various sites with sustainable DfMA strategies. We hope to provide this expertise to other designers, allowing for a future where innovative designs can be shared and utilised collaboratively.”

The Silver award was given to Sam & Sara Holdings, and the Bronze to KR+D, Kingsmen Design.

The award winners of the ‘Innovation in Design’ category. From left: Hun Khoon L from KR+D’ Saurabh Mangla from Sam & Sara Holdings; and Emily Sim from Superstructure

The ‘Experiential Excellence’ award is conferred to companies that have demonstrated exceptional creativity, innovation and effectiveness in delivering immersive and engaging brand experiences to their target audience in the industry.

The Gold award was given to Scanteak, who was awarded for its unique in-store experiences, and how it addresses the post-sale journey with an artificial intelligence (AI) solution, Aiden, ensuring personalised and attentive customer service. 

The Silver award was given to Commune Singapore, and Bronze to Sam & Sara Holdings.

Jamie Lim, CEO of Scanteak, added: “We are thrilled to be recognised for our commitment to unique experiences, exemplified through our innovative AI solutions.

“We believe an exceptional experience is not confined to the store, but extends to the life of our products in our customers’ homes.”

In acknowledgement of their exceptional contributions, Eleanor Toh, Technical Director, from Build Built; Chan Wai Mun, production manager from Danovel; and Elaine Thng, assistant sales manager from Four Star Industries have been awarded for their ‘Outstanding Individual’ achievements.

Each of these ‘Outstanding Individuals’ award recipients serves core functions within the furniture industry — from production to project management to sales — and brings with them a unique set of skills and dedication, contributing significantly to the success of their respective companies.

Other notable recipients for the other categories include the ‘Sustainability Leaders Recognition’ with Matex International bagging the accolade, and the ‘New Entrant’ award, which goes to LFA Studio.

Mark Yong, chairman of the Sol Awards and presidential advisor of SFIC, and the executive director of Ewins, emphasised the importance of the awards in creating a culture of progress and achievement within the industry:

“The Sol Awards is a testament to the vibrancy and dedication within our local furniture industry. We would like to congratulate the exceptional recipients who have demonstrated excellence and sustainability in their endeavours.

“SFIC hopes that these awards will inspire the industry as a whole, catalysing the pursuit of growth and green practices in each of them.”

The awards will be officially presented at SFIC’s 42nd Annual Gala Dinner on 17 Nov 2023.

Images: SFIC