Segezha Group to build new plywood mill in Galich, Russia

Russian Segezha Group has received permission from the Galich city administration in the Kostroma region, Russia, to build a plywood mill. The launch of production is scheduled for late 2021. The area of 31.2 hectares is allotted for construction. Apart from the finished goods warehouses and the office building, the production area of about 48,000 sq. m. will be constructed.

A special focus is on protection of the environment. The manufacturing workshop building, and the territory fencing will be made of materials with high noise reduction ability. The enterprise will be fitted with advanced high-grade filters with up to 99% efficiency. The retained wood dust will be processed into fuel briquettes.

Closed loop production without waste waters is envisaged: dedicated reservoirs will enable continuous circulation of water in the production process.

“It will be a hi-tech latest generation production site with modern equipment, automation and excellent output quality. The Galich mill will release superior quality plywood which is in high demand in the international market,” Alexander Kreschenko, Director General of the Galich Plywood Mill says.

Segezha Group is the anchor investor of the Galich Priority Social and Economic Development Area. The total investment volume exceeds RUB 10 billion ($134 million). The Galich Plywood Mill design capacity is 125,000 m3 of plywood per year. It is planned to release the plywood in a wide range of formats, thicknesses, colours and textures on the basis of 100% birch veneer. The new production including logging operations will generate more than 1000 workplaces.