Segezha Group supplies Japanese market with glue-laminated timber

Photo: Segezha Group

The Segezha Group has launched glue-laminated timber (glulam) and structural glue-laminated beams onto the Japanese market, with the first lot consisting of 10 containers, or 550m3, from the Sokol Woodworking Plant supplied to Japan.

The buyer is Sojitz Building Materials Corporation. As per the Japanese client’s request, Segezha Group is manufacturing glulam products specifically designed to meet the standard parameters of Japan.

The company has started to establish positions in the Japanese market thanks to the modernisation of production conducted in 2020 and the certification of compliance with Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) that was awarded to Sokol Woodworking Plant in 2021. This certification is required for a company to be a supplier of processed wood products to Japan. Segezha Group has complied with all the JAS requirements in terms of quality, size, strength classes, glue quality, equipment and technology. The audit was conducted last summer.

“The reason that we are so drawn to the Japanese market is its capacity for expansion, the absence of the seasonal factor, as well as the opportunity to work together with the top global wooden house-building companies. Obviously, we take into account the potentially high demand for quality softwood timber products,” said Dmitry Rudenko, vice president of Segezha Group.