Segezha Group negotiates in Europe for CLT-panels production equipment supply

Heads of Housebuilding Division of Segezha Group (affiliated to Sistema JSFC) and Sokol Timber Company JSC, Russian leader of housebuilding, visited enterprises of the leading European manufacturers of equipment for the production of glued beams, bars and CLT-panels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Against the backdrop of the European wooden house construction market boom the forest holding company is negotiating the purchase of equipment for the creation of the first plant for the production of CLT-panels for multi-storey wooden house construction in Russia.

Russian largest producer of laminated wood structures plans to start the construction of the workshop for the CLT production in 2018. The investments in new production will be about 1.5 billion rubles. The construction period is about 1.5 years.

Plant representatives held a series of working meetings with the manufacturers of modern industrial equipment Weinig AG and Minda Industrieanlagen GMbH.

“We are working in a close contact with the leading European manufacturers of equipment for wooden house construction for about 1.5 years. Designing the plant, an innovative one, is a difficult and very interesting task,” said Segezha Group Vice President, Head of the Housebuilding Division Dmitry Rudenko. “I am sure we will soon launch a new production of cross laminated timber panels, with strengthening the leadership position of the Sokol Timber Company in the market of wooden house construction.”

CLT-panels (Cross Laminated Timber panels) represent a modern environmentally friendly building material, which is a cross laminated layers of pinewood, and with their strength characteristics are not inferior to traditional concrete, steel and brick, and they are far superior according to environmental, operational characteristics and even to cost, especially in accordance with the construction rate. The material has high fire-resistant characteristics, the coefficient of noise and thermal insulation. Modern construction technology based on CLT has proven itself in Europe, the United States and Japan.

Wooden house construction was named in Russia in 2018 as one of the priority areas of the Forestry Development Strategy until 2030.