Segezha Group expands plywood product range

Segezha Group of Forestry Companies (part of Sistema JSFC) continues to expand the assortment of large-format birch plywood. The new products in the plywood segment include: Segezha Creative (laminated plywood with colour films), Segezha Art (painting-ready plywood that does not need priming), Segezha ClearPly (plywood with transparent and semi-transparent films as an interior design product in the eco style, the so-called Scandinavian design), Segezha PlyForm (plywood for formwork with improved properties) and Segezha Anthracite (plywood for LCV to set up floor surfaces in low-tonnage commercial transport).

“In the near future we will start producing five new products in the plywood sector, which will allow us to access some promising niches on the market,” said Alexey Stepanov, Vice President of Segezha Group, and head of the Plywood and Wood Boards Division. “The Company exports ready plywood products of different kinds to 55 countries of the world; with our new products we intend to expand our geography of sales.”

Alexey Stepanov also noted that the distinguishing feature of the Segezha Group’s plywood segment is its high level of quality: ready products undergo an ultrasound scan on cutting-edge equipment, and each sheet of plywood is then checked for quality of the surface. Additionally, the service provides for an individual approach to each order; modelling and CNC processing are done in accordance with the customer’s specifications and deliveries are carried out worldwide.

Currently, Segezha Group produces 200 thousand cubic metres of large-format plywood per year and is one of the leaders in this segment on the Russian and global market.