Segezha Group and Etalon Group initiated the testing of CLT panels in Russia

Segezha Group and Etalon Group (part of Sistema JSFC) have initiated the process of introducing amendments to current Russian regulations to build administrative and apartment buildings out of timber, as well as to launch field tests of these structures.

During the discussion of scientific research and experimental development works (R&EDW) for broad application of wooden panels (in particular CLT panels), participants discussed the options for outdoor fire-safety testing of buildings made of CLT .

The participants at the meeting agreed to prepare a R&D roadmap within the next two to three months, both for outdoor fire safety tests and for verification of load-bearing capacities of framework structures, walls and ceiling slabs of multi-storey buildings constructed with CLT panels.

This work should result in development of specific proposals for amending construction codes and regulations, which will allow for expansion of the usage of wood in houses that are eight storeys and taller. In the future, the initiators of the meeting plan to continue working together as a working group.

After the launch of Segezha Group’s plant in Vologda Region, Etalon Group plans to develop projects with partners in Sistema JSFC to construct several multi-storey buildings of various functions in Moscow.