SCM ups the ante in innovation for timber construction

At the SCM Group’s two massive stands in pavilion 13 and 16, visitors were treated to wide spectrum of solid, reliable, as well as innovative technologies.

Innovative and precise timber construction

With the market for wooden buildings growing around the world, SCM unveiled their flexible and highly evolved machining centres at the service of the building industry.

Having poured a decade’s worth of experience into them, SCM showcased AREA, for machining walls, insulating panels and curved beams; and OIKOS, for machining structural beams and glulam/CLT wall panels.

While both machining centres are precise, flexible, easy and quick to use, and fitted with the Maestro Beam&Wall software specially designed to maximise performance in terms of dimensions, dynamics, execution, power, and tool management environments, there are some differences.

For instance, the AREA electrospindle features power up to 30 kW, capable of carrying out any type of operation with maximum stiffness in any condition with a variety of saws; allows extremely precise machining on elements longer than 50 metres; and is not only able to work on walls, but also curved beams and thin panels.

The flexible and easy to use AREA is able to machine walls and, insulate panels and curved beams

SCM’s OIKOS machine can obtain a stiffer configuration, ensuring a higher level of performance and productivity

On the other hand, the OIKOS machining unit can obtain a stiffer configuration with six axes that ensure higher performance and productivity; consolidates the technology of 6-work piece-sides machining without having to turn over or reposition the beams with a maximum width of 1250 mm, thickness of 300 mm, and length of 19 metres; and is capable of cutting insulating or composite panels and threading lamellar beams.

Flexibility for windows and doors

While the versatile Accord 25 FX is already available on the market, combining high-tech features with user-friendliness for flexible production of doors, windows, and solid wood part, among others, the secondary 12-position “Rapid 12 On-Board” tool store is a novel addition to the line, speeding up the alternation of two machining units and improving its vertical drilling capability.

Additionally, the new Accord 50 FX machining centre not only allows operators to rout and drill pieces that go up to 500mm in height, it also meets the needs of the new 5-axis applications, enabling the tool to move freely around complex-shaped work pieces.

The new Accord 50 FX machining centre meets the need of the new 5-axis applications, allowing the tool to move freely around complex-shaped pieces


With the newly-launched ACCORD WD, SCM’s machining cell, the group integrates a machining centre with an automated loading and unloading system with a great advantage: The ACCORD WD does not need an operator.

Offering maximum performances for the manufacturing of windows and doors that also guarantees high routing speeds and an excellent finish quality, the ACCORD WD also comes with tool stores that can house up to 72 tools always ready to use.