SCM to host digital event on its Threespine® click furniture technology

In collaboration with Välinge Innovation, SCM will be conducting a digital event on 8 July 2021 on their Threespine® click furniture technology and the latest Celaschi new entries for the industry.

Threespine® click technology is experiencing a fast-expanding trend throughout the world, thanks to the increased online sale of furniture kits. By closely examining the latest trends and new scenarios opened up by Threespine® technology, SCM has invested in the research and development of state-of-the-art solutions to machine “click panels”. The same new entries will be taking centre stage during the specific event organised in collaboration with Välinge Innovation, the Swedish company responsible for the Threespine® click system.

The hour-long webinar will be screened on 8 July at 9 am and 5 pm (GMT+2) and will be broadcast in seven languages (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese).

The presentation will be led by experts from SCM’s Celaschi business unit, with decades of experience in the design and production of machinery and systems for profiling, squaring and tenoning, together with Välinge Innovation, with a view to providing all the details about this state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, the Celaschi solution recently developed to produce “click panels” and other SCM technologies adaptable to this application.


  • Mindaugas Zacharenko, Välinge Innovation Project Manager Furniture
  • Jonas Banestig, Välinge Innovation Senior Key Account Manager Furniture Technology
  • Gian Luca Giovanardi, Scm Business Unit Manager Double-end Tenoners Celaschi
  • Davide Romanini, Scm Product Area Manager Double-end Tenoners Celaschi

Latest SCM celaschi technology

The webinar will focus on SCM’s latest new solution: a celaschi line and a stand-alone celaschi double-end tenoner to process the main panels and the shelves of a box.

The line consists of a celaschi sp longitudinal single-sided profiling machine, a panel-turning system and a celaschi p60 transversal profiling machine; it has been designed to profile panels previously squared and edgebanded, that will become the horizontal and vertical elements of the box. Celaschi p40 also plays a key role, with six motors for edgebanding and profiling the back panels in just two steps.

Other SCM technologies for this specific application will also be presented

  • 5-axis CNC machining centres, in stand-alone version or integrated, like the morbidelli m100 and m200 “All-In-One Technology” solutions ideal for the production of click panels in any shape with the utmost ease-of-use and quality.
  • Squaring and edgebanding machines, both stand alone and integrated into automatic lines, like the stefani sb, allowing to simultaneously edgebanding and profiling of all the click furniture elements.

“The partnership between SCM and Välinge Innovation is a guarantee of excellent panel machining, that will allow even the non-professional user to assemble the piece of furniture perfectly every time,” pointed out Gian Luca Giovanardi, SCM Business Unit Manager Double-end Tenoners Celaschi. “The combination of SCM and Threespine® technological innovation opens up numerous new design opportunities in the world of furniture, in line with the most current market trends. The panels can be of different materials and connected in different shapes or even with corners to suit your needs, depending on the designer or manufacturer’s imagination. Furthermore, the absence of hardware ensures a design that is always essential and top quality.”

“It’s an exciting time for Threespine® and our collaborations with the big-hitters in machine manufacturing is a sure sign that the technology is more relevant than ever to consumers, retailers, and manufacturers as the retail landscape shifts in a new direction,” said Jonas Banestig, Senior Key Account Manager Furniture Technology, Välinge Innovation. “Our partnership with SCM will reap immediate benefits as the new profiling line will significantly increase the volume for Threespine® production, which will be a welcome addition to the growing global demand for our innovative click-furniture technology.”

Some of the other important advantages of Threespine® click technology include a significant reduction in waste and consumption in the furniture kit sector both at the production and transportation stages, thanks to its “flat pack” packaging, as well as offering unlimited dismantling and re-assembly opportunities for the piece of furniture and easier disposal of the parts that can be recycled.