SCM shows its technological excellence

With continuous growth and an outstanding performance in the first half of 2017 that exceeded even the successful results of the past two years, SCM shows its technological excellence with their Lean Robot Cell 4.0, which takes Industry 4.0 concepts and puts them to practical use.

Completely automated and served by two anthropomorphic robots, the system needs only one operator. The cell produces components for wardrobes, and consists of a Morbidelli M600 nesting machining centre and a Stefani edge bander, fitted with a panel return device and a drilling centre.

Using standard, high performance, easy-to-use machines, the system operates automatically when the job is launched, and has been designed to integrate perfectly with the customer’s production management system. The result is a system that can perform all the various machining stages, from semi-machined panels to machined panels.

At the end of the process, the individual finished panels are also grouped into their different order lots by robots on special carriages, ready to be assembled in the CPC clamp. The production speed is such that 500 wardrobe panels can be produced every shift.

Simultaneously, SCM is offering numerous new products, such as the new Mordibelli M 100 and M 200 machining centres that have been immensely successful around the world since their release earlier this year.

At the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas, SCM also unveiled their Smartech and ScmConnect, innovative software programmes that seek to render the group’s IT production technology even more user-friendly.

“Technology is in our DNA,” Giuseppe Riva, SCM’s North America Regional Manager, commented. “SCM offers the best solutions in the woodworking industry sector and our systems offer state-of-the-art technology and Industry 4.0 concepts that allow us to implement this level of excellence. As the company’s motto says, “woodworking technology is in our DNA”. Our mission is to guarantee our customers competitive benefits and we are grateful and satisfied by the enthusiastic response we receive from our partners.”