SCM reports successful live-streaming event on latest wood machining technologies



Over 4,000 online guests from 100 countries participated in SCM’s live streaming event held from 30 June to 2 July 2020. With more than 24 hours of original content broadcast in nine languages across three days, SCM presented the latest wood machining technologies that should have otherwise been showcased at the international trade fairs postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

SCM’s “Corporate headquarters” in Rimini and the group’s other production sites around Italy were transformed into television studios to achieve the vast show schedule of live link-ups, webinars and talk shows. 30 product webinars saw more than 50 technological solutions take centre stage to represent the vast range of SCM products and services starting with the Smart&Human Factory, the well-known human-friendly digital factory for the furniture industry. SCM’s 18 directly managed branches operating on the most strategic markets in the wood industry around the world, in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, America and Oceania, were also involved with live link-ups.

SCM’s technology in action 

The numerous technological new entries displayed – integrated stand-alone cells and machines – satisfy the most varied production needs of secondary wood processing: from upgrades on the wide range of machining centres and panel drilling to those concerning machining centres for solid wood and timber construction: from proposals for flexible and j-shape industrial edgebanding, to angular sizing; from integrated surface treatment, with the latest in the ranges for pressing, sanding and finishing, to state-of-the-art solutions for packaging; from specific technologies for windows and doors and integrated lines for doors, to models for squaring-tenoning and profiling. As ever, with a focus on the most wide ranging, sought-after collection of joinery machines, with a new cell for sizing, drilling and edgebanding and the exclusive launch of a new app for artisan workers.

  • The Smart&Human Factory

Already presented at Ligna 2019, after numerous implementations on cutting-edge markets in Europe, the United States and China, SCM’s Smart&Human Factory was re-proposed with new additions to further increase productivity and flexibility, reduce waste and optimise the quality of the end product even on more sensitive markets.

The new version, only an example of the various configurations that this production model can achieve based on customer needs, involves three modular, flexible automated cells – sizing/nesting cell, flexible edgebanding cell and packaging cell– integrated with articulated robots and interconnected by intelligent AMR unmanned shuttles. 

  • Integrated surface treatment

Three examples of the integrated process for exclusive, sought-after finishing solutions were introduced at the “SCM Live Show”, demonstrating SCM’s capacity to make its mark on the market as a unique, complete partner in this sector. They are SCM’s flexible painting cell, painting panels with 3D effects and super-opaque finishing, as well as 3D lamination.

  • Machining centres for furniture

If the All-in-one “morbidelli m100” machining centre for drilling and routing evolves further with the new ultra-compact, reduced bulk solution, that makes the 5-axis machine the smallest on the market, in the “morbidelli p800” boring-milling and edgebanding centre, the combination between the MATIC work table and the innovative operator unit allows the most complex shaped pieces to be machined in just a few steps.

For nesting, the “morbidelli x200/x400” range makes its mark by cutting pieces, even shaped ones, in a variety of forms and sizes with production levels once considered inconceivable for this kind of machining.

morbidelli x200

Flexibility and high productivity find their ideal synthesis in the drilling process with “morbidelli ux200”: thanks to 4 separate operator units (two upper and two lower), any kind of piece can be machined in a few steps. Furthermore, the possibility of machining two overlapping pieces means the production of symmetrical pieces can be doubled.

  • Panel sizing

As well as the “gabbiani p80” included in the Smart&Human Factory, the event presented another new world preview: the “gabbiani a2” angular panel saw, designed to meet all the demands of panel machining, from mass production to “batch 1”, and particularly suitable for companies that are more conscious of machine cleaning and the working environment thanks to the innovative “Zero dust system” unit. The “new gabbiani a2 with 95, 115 and 125 blade projection, offers maximum performance in terms of productivity and cutting quality.

The “gabbiani gt2” single-blade saw designed to guarantee high performance in an evolved industrial context of just in time productions, was also highlighted. The new “Hi-Tronic vertical stroke” blade carriage, in particular, allows for excellent finishing and accurate cutting even at high speed, with surprising results in terms of productivity and cutting quality over time.

  •  Edgebanding

“SCM Live Show” was also an opportunity to celebrate the seventy year anniversary of the Edgebanding Business Unit. A long road featuring high technology and know-how, at the side of artisan businesses just as much as that of large industries, thanks to a wide range of models: from the continually evolving single-sided “stefani” and “olimpic” edgebanders, to the cells and plants fitted with rollers, panel return devices, automatic loading and unloading systems, assisted by robots and fitted with IoT sensors for an increasingly more immediate confirmation of the machine’s running, in line with the demands of Industry 4.0. These include the new generation of “stefani cell” and “stefani rocket” flexible industrial edgebanding systems for “batch 1” machining, modular systems available for machining with or without panel squaring, capable of adapting to current production demands and machining quality.

Also highlighted are the most advanced models for Softforming like “stefani one”, designed to offer maximum personalisation in achieving design products.

  • Windows and doors

The “accord” machining centres for the manufacturing of windows and doors was also highlighted during the “SCM Live Show”. The latest evolution in the range, “accord 42 fx”, attracts considerable interest both from window and door manufacturers as well as door and staircase manufacturers. With combined three and five axis double machining units with independent heads, it has been designed to best combine the need for high power and profiling with creativity and production flexibility needs. 

Unique quality and precision are the advantages of “accord 25 fx” thanks to its gantry structure and powerful 5-axis electro-spindle. The MATIC work table and the innovative BRC multi-function unit reduce set-up and tool change times guaranteeing excellent productivity.

For larger sized pieces, the solution is represented by “accord 50 fxm” that stands out for its structure, designed to guarantee maximum rigidity and precision, and its exclusive 5-axis machining unit.

The most flexible machining centre in the category that can be used both in cell as well as stand-alone mode, is the “accord wd”, SCM’s innovative solution that allows for the loading and unloading cycle of solid wood elements (like door and window structures) to be automated.

  •  Doors: pressing, panel squaring and edgebanding

The SCM event closely examined the latest trends in the door industry and engineering solutions for an intelligent, integrated production.

Solutions with different levels of automation and productivity up to a 1,000 doors per shift were presented for pressing. These include the “sergiani las” continuous cycle automatic press for highly flexible intensive production of hollow core and veneered doors with a production capacity of one door every 20 seconds.

The “celaschi” range of “solutions for profiling and squaring to machine every kind of door with wooden frame and even special ones with fibreglass folders is also vast.  From the range’s “entry level” model, the “celaschi p30” manual loading and unloading double squaring machine capable of guaranteeing squaring precision and measurements to the order of tenths of millimetres, to the lines fitted with “mahros” loading and unloading moving systems for companies looking for top quality productivity and flexibility in the profiles, even in the case of large sizes and weights up to 80 kg.

Taking centre stage for flexible edgebanding of doors is the “stefani flex”, capable of guaranteeing a continuous and efficient production loop, irrespective of the machining profile. This occurs thanks to integration with the “mahros” automation system to manage automatic loading and unloading. 

  • LVT Flooring

Also taking centre stage on this front, the “celaschi” range of solutions for profiling and squaring for any kind of flooring, with an exceptional quality thanks to the high precision chains for which the “celaschi” range boasts an experience spanning more than 70 years.

The turnkey lines from automatic loading to packaging can handle a wide variety of formats and guarantee state-of-the-art productivity of 100 pieces/min. 

  • Machining centres for timber construction

Also in the limelight at the “SCM Live Show” was SCM machining centres’ technological innovation for the timber construction industry and their application in the construction of vast structures (bridges, covers etc.. multi-storey buildings and skyscrapers). Of particular note, the “oikos x” and “area” machining centres. The first model, a 6 axis model, is specific for machining structural beams, X-lam/CLT wall panels and large scale columns and is conceived with a view to maximising performance in terms of working volumes, dynamics and power. The other machining centre, “area”, on the other hand, is particularly suited to companies that need to work large scale CLT panels with high levels of flexibility, precision and reliability. 2020 will see the technological development of SCM solutions designed for vast wooden constructions in line with demands from a continually expanding market. 

  • Machining centres for chairs, tables and furnishing accessories

First ever preview of the new numerically controlled “balestrini pico” tenoning-mortising machines, entirely redesigned to optimise safety, ergonomics and ease of use. These include: “balestrini pico fj”, the most complete machine on the market for producing complex joints such as Miter doors, face frames and French joints on doors and shutters, and the “balestrini pico om”, the small “all-purpose” machine that will show how easily joining operations on elements like chairs and tables can be achieved.

  • Machining cell for artisans

This cell to create cabinets, whose strong point is its highly competitive price, offers stand-alone solutions specific for both custom designed productions and small series, for the evolved artisan; machines that guarantee excellent performance thanks to their significant technological content, to make even the most complex machining simple.

New Artisan cell class px 350 

With a production capacity of around 30 pieces/shift, the cell is made up of: “class px 350i”, new mobile carriage circular saw with tilting blade up to 46°, to machine in complete safety, with reduced sizes and a perfect grip on the panel; “me 40”, high productivity edgebander with exclusive rounding unit; “startech cn plus”, automatic drilling-routing machine that makes its mark thanks to the significant power of the electrospindle on the drilling head and its high operating speed.

Also in the limelight is the new “SCM Thundercut” optimiser/sequencer, an App per iOS and Android OS, that allows you to optimise the surface of the panel and guide the operator with the cutting sequences to be made.

Digital software and services

At the forefront of the “SCM Live Show” is also the “Digital Integrated Woodworking Process”, which demonstrates how software and digital services can assist the customer at each stage of the process in creating the piece of furniture: from the planning and preparation of the data to the machine production right up to production monitoring, maintenance and after-sales service.

For the data preparation stage in the machinery, the new programming software versions were presented for the Maestro cnc machining centres and Maestro ottimo CUT cutting optimisation.

In response to production planning needs, SCM presented an MES solution integrated into the SCM machines to assist customers with programming and managing the production flow. 

The new HMI multi-touch Maestro active demonstrates how it is possible to have a control and even simpler, better interaction with the machine, at the production stage.   

Lastly, in support of the production monitoring stages, machine maintenance and after-sales service, the new Digital Services enabled by the Maestro connect platform were presented.