SCM introduces new drilling machine

ITALY – The new range of morbidelli’s top-performing CN drilling solutions, with higher finishing quality, precision and productivity, will be launched on the 19th and 20th October at the SCM Technology Centre in Rimini during the “Drilling Is No Longer Boring” event.

The new range of numerically controlled drilling solutions to be presented by SCM at the event promises top-notch quality, superior precision, unrivalled productivity and is easy to use. Visitors will discover first-hand the new generation of the compact CN drilling solutions morbidelli cx220 and cx210 machines. The new morbidelli ux200d, a more complete and flexible CN drilling solution, will also be showcased at the show.

“The new morbidelli CN drilling solutions,” says Bruno Di Napoli, SCM Machining Centers BU Manager, “are the result of a comprehensive analysis of market requests, of research and development work, of the Group’s extensive know-how acquired over the years, and of the extraordinary teamwork of numerous SCM designers, technicians and specialists.”

The new generation of CNC drilling models morbidelli cx220 and cx210 are enhanced with some significant innovations. The new compact drilling heads, with their new design, enable higher levels of performance and efficiency. The worktable allows for drilling of delicate surfaces with superior finishing results, while the new profiling hold-down grippers hold machine panels even on the inside of the gripper area, reducing cycle times and optimising work piece changes. Other significant innovation is the new panel return systems with automatic unloading.

SCM’s drilling revolution is led by the new generation of morbidelli ux machines. The series will expand to include the new morbidelli ux200d machine with its greater performance machining both small and large panels. Another outstanding feature in the morbidelli ux200d is the new unique dowelling system with dual variable-axis broaches that can be adjusted according to the distance between holes, allowing for even more versatility and efficiency for drilling, routing and sawing processes. Flexible in usage, morbidelli ux200d can operate as a stand-alone machine or as an integrated part of a production line, with various types of work piece conveyors and loading-unloading systems.

These launches and other equipment for the processing of solid wood, for sanding and for edge banding, such as the minimax me 35 tr – winner of the Xylexpo Innovation Awards 2018 – will also be part of the technology exhibition offered by SCM this month of October.