SCM Group signs new partnership with Austria-based Handl

SCM Group has signed a collaboration agreement with Austrian dealer Handl. The agreement is for the distribution, service and technical support in the eight main Austrian regions (apart from Vorarlberg) for the entire range of the Group’s brands.

Handl specialises in the distribution of advanced technologies for the woodworking, plastic and aluminium industry. 

Luigi De Vito, Scm Group machine division director, said, “for our projects, strengthening our presence in certain markets is significant. We are very satisfied to be able to collaborate with a prestigious partner like Handl. This allows us to look at the Austrian market with renewed confidence and with the certainty of being able to increase our market share.”

Peter Handl, director and owner of Handl, commented, “Handl has always been synonymous with service, skills and experience. This approach has allowed us to reach a strong position in the market. Our capital is our collaborators and our daily investment is in training our technicians.”

“In SCM Group we have found a new partner that offers an added value in terms of product range, with a broad option of solutions. For us it has become fundamental to have a direct contact with the specialists and technicians that design and build each machine.”

Source: News Release/ SCM Group

A piece of art machined by SCM 6-axis technology