Scm Group announces new Board of Directors

Marco Mancini, Chief Executive Officer, Scm Group

Scm Group S.p.A., a global leader in technologies used to process a wide range of materials and industrial components, has announced the appointment of a new Board of Directors.

On 12 March 2021, the shareholders’ meeting appointed the new Board of Directors comprising Giovanni Gemmani (President), Marco Mancini (CEO), Andrea Aureli, Enrico Aureli, Valentina Aureli, Linda Gemmani, Martino Gemmani, Luca Franceschini and Filippo Corsini (board members).

The shareholders also reconfirmed Adriano Aureli’s appointment as Honorary President.

Marco Mancini, who has been appointed CEO, has been with Scm Group since 2015 and currently serves as General Manager.

Shareholders thanked Alfredo Aureli for his significant contribution to the growth of the Group and the strong values he has imparted to all those who have worked with him.

The shareholders also welcomed the new board members who have joined the Group: Martino Gemmani and Luca Franceschini, fourth generation representatives of the two families at the head of the Group, and Filippo Corsini.