SCM Group announces corporate reorganisation of share capital

Image: SCM

The SCM Group has announced the corporate reorganisation of share capital following the exit of a branch of the Gemmani family from the corporate structure.

After the exit, the SCM Group will be led by the three founding families, who will remain owners on an equal footing.

According to SCM, the board of directors will now be made up of: Giovanni Gemmani, president; Andrea Aureli, vice president; Enrico Aureli, vice president; Marco Mancini, CEO; and directors Valentina Aureli, Luca Franceschini and Martino Gemmani. Adriano Aureli will be nominated as honorary president.

The board of directors, after Marco Mancini’s appointment as CEO to lead the group, has also nominated Luigi De Vito as general manager.

The group expressed their gratitude for Linda and Marco Gemmani, for the long-lasting and profitable contribution they have made to the development of SCM Group.