Scm Group acquires Tecno Logica

Scm Group has announced the signing of an agreement with Tecno Logica to take over control of its share capital.

Based in Rimini, Italy, Scm Group coordinates, supports and develops a system of industrial excellence in three large highly specialised production centres in Italy, with a turnover of €900m, with 4,000 employees and a direct presence on five continents.

Tecno Logica Scm Group
From left: Marco Mancini, CEO of Scm Group; Luigi De Vito, general manager of Scm Group; Giovanni Gemmani, vice-president of Scm Group; Carlo Toniolo, technical director of Tecno Logica; Mirko Piasentin, CEO of Tecno Logica; and Andrea Aureli, president of Scm Group (Image: Scm Group)

According to the Scm Group, the acquisition of Tecno Logica is a strategic operation which expands the range of products and services offered by the group with integrated modular and scalable systems, for large automotive, furniture and door production manufacturers.

“This buy-over further enhances our leadership in the aluminium, composite and wood machining sectors where we are already present with our Cms and Scm brands. Further options at the top end of the market open up with an opportunity to get ahead of new trends and innovate our offer even more strategically,” said Marco Mancini, Scm Group’s CEO.

Scm Group is a global leader in technologies for machining a wide range of materials and industrial components. Across the globe, the group’s companies act as highly reliable partners to leading industries in a wide range of product sectors, from furniture to construction, automotive to aerospace, and yachting to plastic machining.

“Becoming a part of a solid multinational organisation like Scm Group will provide greater access to leading clients around the world thanks to the group’s direct presence and capillary sales and assistance organisation,” said Mirko Piasentin, CEO of Tecno Logica.

Tecno Logica is based in Treviso, Italy, and is said to be one of the main manufacturers of highly productive and flexible systems for a wide range of industrial processes, with over 200 installations in Europe, the Middle East, Mexico and the US and has a turnover of more than €30m.

Scm Group headquarters
Scm Group headquarters in Rimni, Italy (Image: Scm Group)