SCM closes 2017 with positive results, announces hopes for coming year

Italian technology company SCM Group estimates 2017 revenues to reach EUR650 Mn along with an increasing order portfolio. The Group has also begun investments in a new production area in Zogno, reviving a 20,000 sq m manufacturing centre in order to increase production of CMS special machines. It has also acquired Hg Grimme, in partnership with its German founder. The company specialises in designing and building machines that process plastics and composites. Last November, it also opened a new branch in Vancouver.

“All our achievements in recent years have been the result of a unique mix of strategy and commitment in multiple areas. Among these, human resources have been the key, demonstrating that Italian companies, and SCM Group in particular, can invent and innovate while operating around the entire world,” according to a company press release. In the last year hundreds have been hired, bringing the total number of SCM Group workers, both in Italy and abroad, to over 3,500.

Always on the lookout for new talent, SCM Group has stepped up its presence in schools and universities by participating in many open days. The Digital Innovation Graduate Programme is one such course part of a Digital Master’s Studies course developed in collaboration with partners and leading universities.

‘Digital’, with a capital D

Demonstrating this ‘Digital’ approach, the Group will organise the SCM Digital Days, 25 to 27 January 2018, at the SCM Technology Centre, at the Rimini headquarters. Three days with a packed schedule of events and activities during which SCM, the world-leading producer of woodworking machines, will present its technological and digital solutions to its national and international customers: concrete solutions that meet customers’ needs, offering them a real return on investment.

Some of these solutions are responsible for some of the world’s best architectural achievements in the world, such as the interior wall cladding for the new Hamburg Philharmonic Concert Hall.