SCM celebrates 70th anniversary and affirms new investments

SCM’s new headquarters in Rimini, Italy (Image: SCM)

SCM is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year and success over the years, with €750 million of turnover in 2021, of which 90% is exported abroad, over 4,000 employees, and a direct and capillary presence around the globe.

Moving forward, SCM aims to be even closer to its customers. Luigi De Vito, division director and group general manager of SCM, said: “We aim to be even closer to our customers with highly personalised solutions, tailored to suit their specific requirements.

“To us, this means offering continuous and more valid support to our customers; fully understanding and anticipating what they really need, as well as providing even more pro-active recommendations.”

To achieve this, SCM is reportedly investing in the skills of its global team, on the technical, sales and after-sales side.

Simultaneously, the group is upping its digital transformation process on two levels: internally, renewing organisational and international models with the customer throughout the customer’s journey, and at a level of the product and services offered “to be even closer to their business needs and jointly study the best strategy for smart manufacturing”.

All of these translates to digital and connected technologies designed for more efficient, sustainable factories; Internet of Things (IoT) systems that allow the customer to preserve and enhance their technologies throughout the lifecycle; tools, such as the new My Scm portal, enabling a range of services to view, gather and analyse all the information on production performance in real time; a service team that can deal more simply and effectively with cases, providing faster answers and “how to” solutions to guide customers in a knowledge sharing logic.

Investments are also due for the R&D sector: “Not only do we set aside 7% of the group’s annual turnover for R&D, but we can also rely on an innovation team with multi-disciplinary skills that allow us to have an open, forward-thinking approach that goes beyond the specific applications of our sectors, once again to the full advantage of the customer.”

De Vito also emphasised the on sustainability for both the internal processes and products and services, “to offer the customer solutions that reduce the space occupied in the factory, machining times and margins of error, and keep down costs linked to energy consumption and waste of resources and material”.

SCM will also continue to invest in its plants in Italy: “We are increasing the production capacity of our industrial sites that currently record an average production of 20,000 machines per year. As well as expanding surface areas, we are carrying out modernisation work, like the work currently ongoing in Rimini, to achieve more eco-sustainable spaces congenial with our human resources.

“Another important driver is the digitalisation of our production lines, that sees the spread of lean processes and factory control system (FCS) control systems in the various plants, in line with Industry 4.0 requirements. The aim is to improve industrial organisation by enhancing integration of the factory with the IT systems.”

SCM has also invested in foreign sales branches, such as the renovated SCM North America branch in British Columbia, West Coast, in Canada and the opening of new branches in India and Turkey, to ensure a more direct and capillary presence on strategic markets.