SCM announces new subsidiary and participation at IndiaWood 2024

Kunal Roy, the new country manager of SCM’s new subsidiary in Bengaluru, India

The SCM Group has announced the upcoming opening of their new subsidiary in Bengaluru, India, alongside their participation at IndiaWood from 22-26 Feb 2024.

According to SCM’s press release, the new Bengaluru subsidiary will open around April or May 2024, headed by the newly assigned country manager, Kunal Roy.

“SCM has made strategic investments to provide local businesses in the woodworking industry with an even more extensive and all-round assistance not only in India, but in the whole region including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives,” said Roy.

“We are in process of expanding our Sales&Service infrastructure in India to cater to the entire region. We have executed some very prestigious projects in 2023 across various regions in India, such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Telangana and Delhi. We are continuously expanding our service team across India to ensure that we are able to provide a highly specialised, fast and reliable service support to any customers in the region.”

The new team will be at the upcoming IndiaWood 2024, where the SCM Group will be featuring several of their solutions suitable for Indian consumers:

The morbidelli p200 CNC machining centre will be featured. It delivers what is said to be the optimal “price-performance ratio”, and offers high-quality edgebanding with its unit which can process edges up to 80mm in height. It has HE-PODs, which are suction cups that can lift up the pieces to be processed and avoid unnecessary repositioning, making the most of the worktable size and reducing production cycle times by 30%. It also come with SCM’s latest Maestro edge software.

The stefani kd edgebander will also be on display, with working speed of up to 20m/min and the processing of solid wood strips up to 12mm-thick. It comes with the SGP glue pot, supplied as standard, with the special non-stick plasma treatment allows the use of two different types of glue, EVA and PUR. The SGP glue pot can be loaded both manually and with automatic pre-melters and the glues can be interchanged thanks to the automatic glue change/cleaning cycle with unloading onto the removable collection box.

Lastly, the dmc sd70 wide belt sander will be featured. It is ideal for different types of machining, including calibrating MDF, plywood and solid wood as well as sanding veneered panels and finishing painted surfaces. In recent years, the dmc sd range has also been enhanced with new solutions that are unique on the market such as the led bar to optimise belt wear, the interchangeable brush unit to produce different machining processes, and the new eye-S control panel with Maestro active interface.

Other solutions for windows and doors manufacturing as well as joinery machines will also be displayed.

SCM will be exhibiting at Hall 4, Stand M104.