SCM announces additions to beam saw range

SCM has announced additions to its beam saw range. The wide and varied range of SCM beam saws continues to evolve to meet the different demands of panel machining, from mass production to “batch 1”.

A result of continuous research and development, SCM’s panel saws are available in stand-alone versions or integrated in cells or automation lines, and guarantee higher productivity, speed of execution, cutting quality and reduction of waste material. The wide range of models is further enhanced by the IoT Maestro connect platform and enriched with new software for an increasingly simple and optimal use by the operator.

SCM’s collaboration with German group Leitz as its OEM partner for the initial equipment of panel-sizing saws brings the Gabbiani panel saw range to higher levels of solidity and reliability.


New GABBIANI A2 angular panel saw

The new gabbiani a2 was devised to meet all the demands of panel machining, from mass production to “batch 1”, and particularly suits companies that are more conscious of the need for a cleaner machine and working environment. The new model developed by SCM, is equipped with 95, 115 and 125 blade projection options, and offers maximum performance in terms of productivity and cutting quality.

Functional units: 

  • Saw set for an automatic, rapid and accurate tool change.
  • Flexcut 1D: to perform extremely complex cutting patterns in rapid times.
  • Powered side aligner: for fast positioning during the cutting process.
  • Zero dust system: innovative unit for maximum cleanliness of the machine and environment, thanks to an automatic system of dust control curtains by section that activate on each cut to contain the sawdust and guarantee their complete evacuation.
  • Automatic labelling on pusher: automatic panel labelling system before the cutting stage. Dramatic reduction in processing times.


The new automatic beam saw is back on the market with numerous new additions.

  • New 60 and 80 mm blade projections.
  • Automatic blade unlocking selector switch, as standard feature.
  • Increased motor power.
  • Possibility to manage the peripheral speed of the blade.
  • Saw Set, to meet every process demand and tool setting. In a few seconds, the “SAW-SET” device performs a quick and precise set-up of the tools, thanks to electronic adjustment allowing an easy use of the machine and an increase in productivity.
  • Air blowing also on the machine table: as of today, even on this machine, the smooth sliding of heavy or delicate materials is guaranteed by the air blowing on the cutting table that protects against the risks of friction.
  • Up to 30% more productivity in a limited space thanks to Flexcut1.

Cross and longitudinal cuts can be done simultaneously.

The use of brushless motors sliding on linear guideway with recirculating ball bearing reduces mechanical parts friction and guarantees best precision. The extreme flexibility of the device is also ensured by the presence of the main pusher grippers, which can be excluded from the working area, so that strips with different widths can be secured and as a result any type of different cutting can be performed without limiting the stroke (opt.)


Maestro active cut is the new software dedicated exclusively to SCM beam saws machines developed entirely by the Group’s technicians so that the machinery has:

  • an intuitive and reliable multi-user transversal interface that can be customised according to the customer’s requirements;
  • materials stock: creation of a panels storage with an integrated bi-directional connection with Maestro active watch;
  • off-cuts stock: automatic off-cuts restocking that will be displayed together with the materials stock;
  • parts handling management during machining: parking bay for end products, off-cuts and scraps.

It is a modular software; the standard functions of Maestro active cut can be extended using plugins (reports, graphical editor, etc.).


Maestro ottimo cut is the professional software supplied by SCM for controlling the entire costing and optimisation process of the beam saw. The program can be used in the office for simple and efficient creation of cutting programs.

It enables the following functions:

  • grained panels management (longitudinal and cross);
  • materials, pieces and edges stocks management;
  • preventive calculation of costs and machining time;
  • customized report printing with statistical production data;
  • labels with integrated graphic editor;
  • sends of cutting programs with labeling data included to the beam saws control.