Schattdecor launches “Global Essentials” Decor Selections 2022

Schattdecor has launched its Decor Selections 2022 under the theme of “Global Essentials”. According to Schattdecor, it features ten decors with bestseller potential, which the company’s international design and sales team based from customer and market feedback.

The selection combines the current international trends and meets the demand for modern, durable design and contemporary surfaces.

“Global Essentials” includes familiar decors from the company such as Flagstaff Oak that won the Interzum Award 2021, now available in the new trend color Chocolate. But there are also new products that serve to meet dominant trends, such as Omega Oak and California Elm.

Omega Oak conforms to the multi-strip look with a 3D effect, exclusive to Schattdecor. California Elm tackles two trend factors at once: the demand for decors with effect pigments and those with a sense of naturalness.

Another decor by Schattdecor with bestseller potential is Karlstad Oak, heralding in the new age of rusticity.

As part of Decor Selection 2022, customers can look forward to an individually compiled package for each individual decor. In addition, they can benefit from an online campaign.

“Decor Selection 2022 is the essence of our current trend collection, which is both progressive and popular. Decor Selection 2022 hits right at the heart of current trends. From a global perspective, it is essential when it comes to the future design of living spaces and offers our customers creativity and security when planning their collection,” concluded Sabrina Wieland, head of design, Schattdecor.

For more information about the online campaign, and the international launch of Schattdecor’s “Global Essentials” 2022, head over to their website.