Schattdecor declares FY2021 as year with “best results ever”

Image: Schattdecor

Surface specialist Schattdecor has announced their fiscal results of FY2021, declaring that a sales record of more than €850 million, their “best year to date with an increase in all [their] business areas”.

According to a press release by the company, the increase in sales was also due to the ongoing major investments in technology, infrastructure and capacity, despite the challenges brought forth by the pandemic.

“It is precisely in this exceptional global situation, which still continues to be characterised by a succession of crises, that we would like to report this result with humility. For us as a group, this extremely positive development shows that together we are making the correct decisions and paving the way for the future,” said Roland Auer, CEO of Schattdecor.

“We are acting in direct response to customer needs and the market requirements. However, in view of the current economic and political developments, our actions and business activities as an international company also entail a great deal of responsibility of us — responsibility towards our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.”

In 2021, the company invested a 50% stake in the German film manufacturer Fine Decor. Additionally, a total of 830 million m2 of decorative paper, impregnated and finished surfaces, were processed. In the area of ​​printed surfaces, Schattdecor reports a volume of almost 120,000 tonnes worldwide.

“Sustainability is one of the great issues of our time. With Fine Decor we have found a partner with whom we can meet the demand for environmentally friendly furniture surfaces produced from recycled raw materials. Together we will inspire our customers with modern surfaces,” said Auer.

The company will continue to focus on solid and healthy development in the long term, and Auer concluded: “In the incipient year 2022, the current concerns about the war in Ukraine and the ongoing tense coronavirus situation in China are increasing. In this context, we prefer not to make a forecast for the future. At this time, the most important thing is humanity, solidarity, responsibility and prudent action. The framework we have developed over the past few years serves as a healthy and resilient foundation.”