Schattdecor and Fine Decor release new collection of sustainable furniture surfaces

(Image: Schattdecor)

Schattdecor has launched, alongside with Fine Decor, their first joint Fineflex collection after the two companies’ merger in autumn 2021. The Fineflex collection offers a larger selection of environmentally friendly furniture surfaces, produced in the heart of the German furniture and kitchen industry at Fine Decor in Ölde.

According to Schattdecor, the new collection includes 14 solid colours, and is made using a sustainable manufacturing process. With it, recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) can be reprocessed to cultivate environmentally friendly furniture surfaces.

The new collection will soon be supplemented with printed PET furniture surfaces with décor designs supplied by Schattdecor, supplemented by a feel for trends and the market into this endeavor.

Since June 2022, customers have been able to discover this package live at Fine Decor in the showroom in Bielefeld, Germany, where both companies opened their first joint showroom. Segments of the new Fineflex collection, as well as the new Schattdecor Decor Selection “Global Essentials”, will be on display.

The management of both companies believe that it is time to break new ground for the future and to work on products that are beautiful and sustainable.