Sawn temperate hardwoods to EU decline 7%

EU imports of sawn temperate hardwoods declined in 2017, although less dramatically than imports of sawn tropical hardwoods.

Total imports were only 1,072,300 cbm in the first 11 months of 2017, down seven per cent compared in 2016.

The sharpest falls in EU imports of sawn temperate hardwood were from Ukraine, down 19 per cent to 287,300 cbm, and Belarus, 39 per cent lower at 59,100 cbm. Imports also fell from the U.S. (down five per cent to 307,400 cbm), Russia (down one per cent to 123,200 cbm), Serbia (down one per cent to 81,400 cbm), and Canada (down one per cent to 21,400 cbm).

Supplies from several countries went up, but were still insufficient to offset the declines elsewhere. Imports increased from Bosnia (by four per cent to 113,400 cbm), Norway (a dramatic 2,111 per cent increase to 37,000 cbm) and other temperate countries (by two per cent to 41,800 cbm).

As for tropical timber, the downturn in imports of temperate hardwoods was also due to some stock adjustment to clear an excess from earlier over-ordering, together with a rising demand elsewhere, notably China and other South East Asian importers.


Source: ITTO