Sarawak to boost wood industry’s competitiveness

The Sarawak state government is taking steps to boost competitiveness of its downstream timber industries in international markets. Among the steps being taken include establishing technical collaboration between industry players in support of research and development on Acacia and other plantation timbers for the manufacturing of high quality furniture.

A position at the University Malaysia, Sarawak, was created to conduct research and development on furniture design and high value furniture manufacturing. There are also plans to set up a trading house for the continuous supply of suitable raw materials.

The State government was recently informed on efforts taken to review and develop industrial training programmes to support the needs of downstream industry as well as increasing participation of small-and-medium enterprises in the state. The State aims to improve infrastructure and facilities to boost growth of the furniture industry and is inviting foreign investors to develop the downstream timber industry in Sarawak.

To satisfy international market requirements the state government has improved the Sarawak Timber Legality Verification System to ensure it will attract international recognition and acceptance in importing countries.