Sarawak log exports declined 9 per cent in 2019

The latest data shows that the volume of logs exported in 2019 was 1,290,133 cu.m, worth RM722,216,788 (US$172.3 mil), an estimated drop of 9 per cent compared to 2018, at 1,418, 742 cu.m, worth RM 773,448,482 (US$183.5 mil).

The species which contributed the most value in 2019 was meranti at RM299,751,936 (402,971 cu.m). The second most valuable timber was acacia mangium at RM123,709,614 (558,504 cu.m) and the third was kapur at RM83,906,280 (79,129 cu.m). Other export species were selangan batu RM83,598,818 (56,740 cu.m), MLH (Mixed Light Hardwoods) RM51,993,533 (96,140 cu.m) followed by keruing RM40,858,543 (47,592 cu.m).