Salvamac presents at LIGNA 2023

Woodworking machinery partner Salvamac is finalising the transfer of production to a new factory in Poznań, Poland. It will serve as new and larger spaces for construction of machines and a showroom set-up for tests and demonstrations. With new professionals, employees and technical-commercial staff joining this Italian-Polish company, founders Christian Salvador and Ziemovit Dolkowski will continue to meet demands in countries they are operating in as well as in new markets for expansion.

The recent achievements of Salvamac will be displayed at hall 27, stand D20 of LIGNA 2023. It will feature its new Legend series of crosscutting saws machines, four models with blades of diameter 400mm, 500mm, 550mm and 600mm equipped with Salvastop — the equipment of electronic positioning that transforms the Salvamac cut-off machines in numerical-control cutting centres making operations, available data for company software, equipment and printers for labels or barcode readers simple and fast.

Further, the new version of Voyager — a suction filter with filter cartridges of high capacity, with a touch screen control for its use management — is a product engineering that makes it green and efficient. Salvacut 5000, a saw of high speed with electronic cutting and a handling that allows the optimisation of up to 3500 linear metres per hour, and the new Ultracut 7000 will be premiered at Hannover, Germany. With a blade of 700mm to ensure precision in cutting of 450x120mm of section, the Salvamac blade is designed and produced for heavy-duty jobs, sawmills, packaging and cutting. The SalvaPush 2000 will also be featured at LIGNA 2023, which is equipped with specific aggregates. At LIGNA 2023, the brand ‘WoodWe’ will be formally launched, an umbrella term expressing the design of Salvamac to enhance collaborations with companies committed in solid wood, such as Italian wood drying company Incoplan in drying, Sia in the cleaning systems, Paoletti in bonding and jointing, Visionmek in metallic framing, Awom and VF Group in industry services.