Salvamac: 2021 a year of great performance

The new building of Salvamac Air&Painting division

Salvamac, a multinational group that specialises in production of woodworking machines and technology, recorded strong growth and performance in 2021.

“After a record-breaking 2019 and a 2020 that ended with an extraordinary growth, we did not expect similar satisfactions in 2021,” commented Christian Salvador, co-owner of Salvamac Group. “We carried on along the path we had set ourselves, working to consolidate our presence in many markets, and to experiment with new opportunities where we are less known. And the results were not lacking, allowing us to close an important three-year period, during which we have accompanied a growth in turnover and the machines produced with a “fine-tuning” of the company organization.”

Salvador commented as well that their growth in Europe was made possible due to the acquisition of new market shares and an on-site presence in the United Kingdom.

He continued: “Our sector is becoming less profitable and, in turn, is asking for more investments and an originality which I feel is sometimes missing. Everyone is talking about innovation. Originality is a different concept; it means being different not only in the product but also in the ideas, in the way of dealing, in the human aspects; seeing the business not only as coated steel with a few electronic circuits and some cables, but by placing people ahead of everything – something that is perceived less and less. And, in my opinion, human relationships and ethics will have greater importance than in the past.”

Wood cutting with 3 S: Solid, Simple, Safe

The Salvamac optimising saws, such as the SalvaPush_2000, are ethical products because cutting wood with these machines means saving 5-15% of the raw material. They also make work easier and safer for the operator; it becomes only necessary to load and unload or to mark the wood, and they reduce the strain on the worker, who can be moved to more qualified tasks.

Furthermore, recent evolution in the entry-level range of the semi-automatic cutting saws, combined with the SalvaStop_100, device have made it possible to achieve incredible results.

“We have done our best to make our machines even easier and to make wood optimisation an essential part of the process for result quality and affordability,” said Ziemowit Dolkowski, co-owner of Salvamac. “The software that is ‘made in Salvamac’ for SalvaStop_100 also allows us to offer strong developments in the future, and constant implementations that favour the best integration of our saws with the upstream and downstream phases. Many producers build machines which the customer must adapt to. As per our philosophy, the customers can follow their own way of working and do not have to adapt to the machine.”

Salvamac Air&Painting another step forward

The Salvamac Air&Painting division saw tremendous growth in 2021 with the move to a new, larger building of 2,500m2 on a total area of 5,000m2.

Marco Trasente, head of the division, said, “We have much more space to increase our production and our stock, but we are also investing in new technologies, such as in a new production system that includes a new powerful laser cutting machine and a folding line with fully automatic loading and unloading. In particular, the most recent projects and products confirm Salvamac’s success also in the extraction systems, especially the high-tech extractors of the SuperDep series. These special filters are designed and manufactured using the highest technologies. They are versatile filter groups, which take up little space, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and are functional in extracting dust and wood chips.”

The near future: the people at the centre

Salvamac is committed to putting their customers as their priority: “In over 20 years of experience in this business, I have had incredible satisfaction. We strongly believe in human relationships: our customer is not a serial number but a person with a name and needs. They must be satisfied and happy with our machines. The people must be at the center of everything.”