RxEvent – Virtual Exhibition by Raute Corporation

The RxEvent organised by Raute Corporation is an immersive, interactive and free-of-charge online event that unites veneer, plywood and LVL professionals worldwide. 

You are welcome to join and learn about the future of the industry and wood as a building block of tomorrow’s sustainable economy.

The event is built around appearances by international experts. The unique keynote speakers, forward-focused specialist presentations and one-to-one sessions with Raute experts will take you on a meaningful journey. A professionally rewarding experience of sharing ideas and getting insights from some of the brightest minds in the industry. Packed with topical issues from unified data to the trends in wood building and the essence of forestry and veneer-based materials. In short – the future of your business. 

Explore the event’s content and register now to get the latest updates on all exciting things to come. And trust us, there are many. Click on the link to register: https://marketing.raute.com/rxevent