Rough yet sensuous, the Stage of Forest embodies both the slopes and the surrounding forest

On a hillside at Songhua Lake Resort in Jilin, China, the Stage of Forest slowly rises above the rolling landscape.

With a concrete base, the structure melds rough materiality with sensuousness, its charred cedar shingles – the Japanese Shou-Sugi-Ban – turning silvery with the changing sunlight.

The wood interior, made of red cedar wood, offers warmth and a panoramic view of the Songhua Lake. Untreated, the red cedar offers a vivid contrast to the darker exterior.

Thus, in encouraging people to explore their relationship with nature further, the Stage of Forest also becomes part of nature.


Architects: META-Project
Location: Fengman, Jilin, China
Year of completion: 2017
Photo credits: Shibiao Cao, Su Shengliang