Rossi Group unveils a new state-of-the-art Emporium Hardwoods mill

Two McDonough head rigs at Emporium Hardwoods

Rossi Group LLC, based in Connecticut, United States (U.S.), has opened its new mill at Emporium in western Pennsylvania. Considered one of the most advanced in America, this mill was constructed following the destruction of the original sawmill by fire just 15 months earlier.

According to the president of Rossi Group, Ted Rossi, the new mill will produce 50 per cent more graded sawn lumber with the same staff, and would also help to secure jobs for up to 250 local families for at least the next 40 years.  

Emporium sits at the heart of some of the best hardwood forest in the eastern U.S. with high quality and sustainable supplies of cherry, red and white oak and other species. During the construction of the highly automated mill, key operating staff were trained and certified by the National Hardwood Lumber Association in NHLA Grading Rules, and the mill now has nine graduate graders. Every decision in the mill affecting quality will be made only by a certified graduate grader.


Automatic sorting line with 37 bays


The log yard

Production of graded lumber will be sold to domestic and long-standing Rossi customers around the world.

“We now offer the best in technology, timber resources, production expertise and market experience to ensure that Emporium Hardwoods can be considered the gold standard for American cherry and other species of American hardwood lumber,” said Ted Rossi.

The mill was unveiled in June and is expected to be fully operational by the end of the year.