Rossetti + Wyss Architekten: 18 minutes to re-grow the wood used

Photo credit: Mark Aurel Wyss

Altogether, it had taken a mere 18 minutes to re-grow the wood used to construct the wooden warehouse, Workshop Andelfingen, in Switzerland, Rossetti + Wyss Architekten, one of the winners of the 2016 Architizer A+Award, said.

The firm, based in Zurich, designed the warehouse for two purposes: To keep the machines and vehicles the regional government’s waterways engineering operations centre requires, as well as an abode where minor construction work can take place.

It is constructed entirely out of wood, all slotted together with the use of orthodox log construction know-how.

Photo credit: Mark Aurel Wyss

 Just two days were needed to put the wood together on-site, and 18 minutes for the soft wood cut for the project to replenish themselves, due in no small part to the number of evergreen trees replanted in the landlocked nation and the speed in which they grow.

“The timber used [re-grows] in Switzerland in 18 minutes,” co-founder of Rossetti + Wyss, Mark Aurel Wyss, said.

36 solid wooden planks were utilised to construct the warehouse and the long elements from opposite sides if the edifice converge and interlock at the four corners. The corners protrude out slightly as the warehouse rises, giving a form that gently tapers off.

Think beams near the roof crisscross the shorter building span to take the weight of and support the overhanging, and gaps in the design enable air to flow freely while also allowing the building to give off a glow during the night. As there was no need for any sort of insulation whatsoever, the wood plants are visible both internally and externally, each serving a strict structural purpose.

“The workshop is a statement of reduction of means, creating a sculptured body made of piled-up load-bearing elements,” Wyss said. “Everything that is necessary is there, with nothing superfluous added.”

Photo credit: Mark Aurel Wyss

Source: Dezeen