Robina Town Centre unifies with an undulating timber-clad roof

A community founded in 1980 alongside the Gold Coast, Robina is renowned for its beaches, canals, waterways, and subtropical forest hinterland. There, Robina Town Centre combines shopping, learning and eating, the undulating timber-clad roof unifying the complex and creating shaded apertures allows sunlight inside, turning the inward-looking shopping centre into an open, urban area.

Inside, the volume evokes a reversed nave, an impression that is reinforced by the regular ribs and strips of honey-coloured timber.

Designed with the health and well-being of the community and environment in mind, timber from recycled sources or plantation timber was used alongside low embodied energy and high insulation values.


Architects: ACME
Location: Robina, Gold Coast, Australia
Year of completion: 2016
Photo credit: Peter Clarke