Revenue growth of Russia’s largest forest products companies has slowed sharply in 2017

In 2017, the total revenue of the ten biggest forest products companies in Russia amounted 339.4 billion rubles ($5.1 billion), according to the annual Top 50 Russian forest-based sector companies rating published by Lesnaya Industriya Magazine. The top three leaders of the rating have not changed: Ilim Group, Mondi Syktyvkar, Segezha Group.

The Ilim Group reported FY 2017 revenues decreased by 1.1% to 110.4 billion rubles, net profit down 27.7% to 18.956 billion rubles. Mondi Syktyvkar got the second place in ranking. In 2017, Mondi Syktyvkar’s revenues were flat compared to the previous year – 54.944 billion rubles (+ 0.03%).

The third company of the rating was Segezha Group (part of AFK Sistema). The company’s revenue increased by 1.63% to 43.7 billion rubles in 2017. Segezha Group increased paper production by 11.5%, to 319 thousand tons, consumer packaging – by 15.6% to 37 million units, and the production of paper bags decreased by 6.2% to 1,172 million units.

The fastest-growing company of the year was the Troitsk Paper Mill (25th in the rating), which revenue increased by 62.72%. The company earned 3.71 billion rubles in last year. The complete report can be found on the website.