Raute to supply veneer composing line to Lumin

3D image of Raute Green Veneer Composing Line R7 (Image: Raute)

Uruguayan wood-panel producer Lumin has decided to invest in a new Raute Green Veneer Composing Line R7.

According to Raute, the line will be installed as an in-line solution into a non-Raute brand peeling line and will be used to combine green veneer sheets to handle full sheets instead of randoms.

With the green veneer composing line, Lumin is expecting to maximise the utilisation of raw material, improve overall recovery, save manpower, and increase drying process efficiency.

“In this new project, Raute and Lumin did together a raw material test at the mill before ordering the equipment. This was an excellent opportunity to know better the behaviour of the local raw material at the composer and also at the drying process,” said Ricardo Inciarte, COO of Lumin.

This will reportedly be the first new generation Green Veneer Composing Line R7 to be delivered in Latin America. The line will be delivered by the end of 2023.

Earlier in February 2023, Lumin announced a $136m investment in a new plywood mill in Uruguay. This new mill is expected to increase the production capacity to nearly 500,000m3.