Raute received Euro 58 million orders from Segezha Group in Russia

Raute Corporation has received orders worth approximately Euro 58 million from the Segezha Group in Russia. The scope of orders includes all machinery and equipment for the production process of an entire plywood mill. The ordered machinery and equipment will be delivered in 2020 and production in the plywood mill will start in summer 2021, the company announced in the press release.

The machinery and equipment will be delivered to a green field plywood mill to be set up in Galich, Kostroma region by Segezha Group. The annual capacity of the new mill will be approximately 125,000 cubic metres.  

The equipment will be engineered and produced in Raute’s units in Nastola, Shanghai and Kajaani, and also in the company’s partnership network. 

Segezha Group, a Russian forest industry holding company, has operations, in addition to Russia, in eleven countries in Europe.