Raute launches next-generation panel repairing technology for North American plywood industry

Raute Panel Repair Station R5 is the first fully automated panel repair station

Raute has announced the launch of a new and unique panel repair station and next-generation panel repairing line. Automatic panel repairing increases the cost efficiency of plywood production, ensures that the final quality of the panels is more uniform and makes it easier to control the various panel grades. Raute’s latest panel repairing solutions have aroused great interest, particularly in North America, resulting in orders for panel repair stations and a panel repairing line to be delivered to two different customers in North America. 

The ordered machinery and equipment will be delivered by the end of 2021. The equipment will be engineered and manufactured mainly in Raute’s production unit in Nastola, Finland. Some work will also take place in Raute’s unit in Vancouver, Canada. The machine vision technology for controlling panel repairing will be delivered from Raute’s unit in Kajaani, Finland. 

“We have developed and launched new panel repairing solutions to respond to the needs of various customers in the plywood industry. Our latest products are an excellent continuation of Raute’s panel repairing technology offering, and they represent a breakthrough in new technology. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched one product virtually just a couple of months ago. In connection with the launch of our panel repairing solutions, we received nearly simultaneous orders from two customers in North America. These orders have a high reference value for Raute as a supplier of fully automatic panel repairing solutions with new properties after re-engineering,” said Tapani Kiiski, President and CEO of Raute Corporation.