Raute establishes service hub in Italy for customers in Italy, Spain and Hungary

Raute has announced that it has established a local service hub in Italy, encouraging customers and Italy and Spain to take full advantage of the delivered technologies over their whole lifecycle.

The local service presence also complements Raute’s existing sales representation in Italy. During the summer of 2022, services have been carried out locally in Italy, Hungary, and Spain.

For instance, the Bonzano Group, a wood-panel producer in Italy, is one of Raute’s customers who welcomed the local service hub.

“Derula is part of the Bonzano Group based in Hungary with two plants equipped with Raute machinery,” said Andrea Novara, head of technical department of the Bonzano Group. “Maintenance contract had already improved greatly in terms of assistance and reduced downtime, but it was not easy to have a technician in a short time and it was not always the same person.”

“Local service has improved a lot on these points and now we are really satisfied with the local service which is represented by our reference technician who is always easy to get, and not depending on planes, airports, rented cars and so on, with a big saving in time and money.”